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Hidden Deck Fastener System

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  • No pre-drilling; automatic 3/16" spacing.
  • Attaches directly to the joist, which reduces board movement.
  • Leaves a fastener free surface.
  • Easy to change out a board that needs replacing.

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  • Pro-tech coated screws with 1500 hour salt-spray rating. Stainless-steel also available.
  • A reverse rake tip removes deck material as it bores, allowing the screw to penetrate the board without splitting.
  • Star drive head offers more points of contact for better performance and reduces bit slippage and wear.
  • An aggressive lower thread pattern provides superior holding power while the reverse upper thread pulls the board tight to the joist and provides a clean, finished entry.
  • A unique trimhead design provides a less visible point of entry.
  • 1-7/8" for use with a nominal 5/4 deck board
  • 2-3/16" for use with any nominal 2" deck board
  • Two different driver bits for if you going into solid or pre-grooved boards.

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